Bug Reporting

Reporting Bugs via Bugzilla

We use a Bugzilla-based bug reporting and tracking system. You can enter bug reports and look at the current state by going to the
ECLiPSe Bugs Database
Please read the bug reporting guidelines, include all relevant information and try to make sure the bug has not already been reported earlier.

Reporting Bugs by Email

If for some reason you are unable to access the Bugzilla-based system, you can email bug reports to
Please include at least the following information:

Bug Reporting Guidelines

If you want to report a problem, first make sure that it is really a bug in the system and not in your program or in your interpretation of the ECLiPSe functionality. If you are not sure whether you have found a bug, here are some guidelines:

We can fix your problem only if we are able to reproduce it. This means that it is absolutely necessary to include a script which shows, from the beginning of an ECLiPSe session, what is to be done to make the problem appear. Vague statements like "I have found a bug in the assert predicate" or "the setval/2 predicate crashes when I store a ground term more than 50 times" are of little use.

In general, you help us if you try to narrow down the problem. Especially if your program just fails or gives wrong solutions, it is very difficult for us to find where something goes wrong as we are not familiar with your program. On the other hand, if you get a Segmentation violation or 'internal error' message, we can usually find the problem without understanding your program, so you don't need to waste time with narrowing down.