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The current computation is aborted and control is returned to the top level.


Used to abort the current computation and return control to the top level. This predicate is also executed when Ctrl-C is typed (unless the interrupt handler for this event has been redefined).

abort/0 is implemented using throw(abort), which is caught by the top level loop. If there is an active catch/3 (or block/3) call whose tag matches the atom abort, the control does not return to the top level loop but is caught by this catch-block. If there is neither a top level loop (eg the -e option has been used) nor any block to catch the abort, then ECLiPSe will either return to the host program (in case of an embedded ECLiPSe) or the ECLiPSe process will exit (in case of a standalone ECLiPSe).

Modes and Determinism


   [eclipse]: abort.
   Aborting execution....

See Also

kill / 2, catch / 3, throw / 1