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Destroys an existing display matrix.
An atomic term.


Destroys an existing display matrix. The display matrix is removed from being displayed. This command can only kill a display matrix within the `logical scope' of the display matrix, i.e. within the part of the search-tree rooted at the node where the display matrix was created. The display matrix window may persist beyond the logical scope, and in such cases the window can only be killed on the GUI side. Normally, the matrix is removed on backtracking pass its point of creation, but this may not occur due to cuts.

Name is mapped into a string internally, so a name that is a atom or number is the same name as its equivalent string (i.e. 'matrix' and "matrix" are the same name). Note that display matrix names are local to a module, so it should be killed in the module in which it was created (perhaps with @/2 wrapper around the call).

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


(5) type error
Name is not an atomic term.
(6) out of range
Name is not an existing display matrix.



See Also

make_display_matrix / 5, make_display_matrix / 2, @ / 2