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Succeeds if a clause that unifies with Clause can be removed from the database.
Atom or compound term


Removes the first clause that matches the argument from the database. On backtracking, successive clauses that match are removed. The clauses are not reasserted when backtracking occurs through retract/1.

The functor of the head of Clause must be that of a predicate declared as dynamic, otherwise an error occurs. If no clause matches, it fails.

retract/1 satisfies the logical update semantics. When retract/1 is first called, it makes a virtual copy of the clauses that match and, on backtracking, unifies its argument with them and removes them from the database. Any modifications made to the procedure after retract/1 has started executing do not, in any way, affect its behaviour. A subsequent call, however, makes and uses a new, virtual, copy of the modified database.

No clause transformation is performed on Clause. Use expand_clause/2 to explicitly expand the clause before calling this predicate if clause expansion is rquired.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

Fail Conditions

Fails if no dynamic clause unifies with Clause


(4) instantiation fault
Clause is not instantiated
(4) instantiation fault
The head of Clause is a free variable.
(5) type error
Clause or the head of Clause is not a callable term.
(63) procedure not dynamic
Procedure is not dynamic
(70) accessing an undefined dynamic procedure
Procedure is undefined


    [eclipse]: assert(city(munich)), assert(city(london)),
    assert((p :- write(hi), write(there))).

    [eclipse]: retract(city(X)).

    X = munich     More? (;)
    [eclipse]: retract(city(X) :- Body).

    X = london
    Body = true
    [eclipse]: retract(p :- Body).

    Body = write(hi) , write(there)

    retract(X).                            (Error 4).
    retract("x").                          (Error 5).
    retract(listing).                      (Error 63).
    retract(undef).                        (Error 70).

See Also

assert / 1, dynamic / 1, listing / 1