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engine_join(+Engine, +Timeout, -Status)

Wait for an engine to stop running, and return its status
An engine handle
Timeout in seconds (integer or float), or the atom 'block'
Output: engine status term


Waits for an (asynchronously resumed) engine to stop executing, then returns its status. The status descriptors are the same as in get_engine_property/3 (except that 'running' does normally not occur). If the engine does not stop within Timeout seconds, the predicate fails. If the engine is already stopped at the time of the join, it succeeds immediately.

It is an error if the engine is running, but was not resumed in its own thread (e.g. it was resumed using engine_resume/3 by another thread). Moreover, one cannot join an engine that is running in the same thread as the caller of engine_join/3.

If multiple joins are waiting for the same engine, they will all succeed when the engine stops. In this special case, some of these joins may return the status 'running'.

If Timeout is the atom 'block', no timeout is used, the operation can block indefinitely, and never fails.

Instead of waiting for an engine to finish, the engine can use the report_to option to eagerly send a notification when it finishes. Such a notification means that the engine is ready to be joined.

NOTE: While blocked in engine_join/3, a thread does not respond to posted event goals (e.g. from engine_post/2 or event_after/2). In order to keep the thread responsive, one can replace

        engine_join(E, block, S)
by a functionally equivalent construct such as
        once (repeat, engine_join(E, 1, S))
This lets engine_join/3 time out and restart every second, thus creating opportunities for the handling of posted events.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Fails if timeout occurs before engine stops


(4) instantiation fault
Engine or Timeout is not instantiated
(5) type error
Engine is not an engine handle
(5) type error
Timeout is neither integer, float, nor the atom 'block'
(6) out of range
Timeout is a negative number
(181) engine not joinable
Engine running, but cannot be joined


    ?- engine_create(E, [thread]),
       engine_resume_thread(E, writeln(hello)),
       engine_join(E, block, Status).
    E = $&(engine,"376oe7")
    Status = true
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

    ?- engine_create(E, [thread]),
       engine_resume_thread(E, 1=2),
       engine_join(E, block, Status).
    E = $&(engine,"376oe7")
    Status = false
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

    ?- engine_create(E, [thread]),
       engine_resume_thread(E, yield(hello,_)),
       get_engine_property(E, status, Status1),
       engine_resume_thread(E, true),
       engine_join(E, block, Status2).
    E = $&(engine,"376oe7")
    Status1 = yielded(hello)
    Status2 = true
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

    ?- engine_create(E, [thread]),
       engine_resume_thread(E, (repeat,fail)),
       ( engine_join(E, 5, S) -> writeln(status=S) ; writeln(timeout) ).

    E = $&(engine,"376oe7")
    S = S
    Yes (5.00s cpu)

See Also

engine_create / 2, engine_resume_thread / 2, get_engine_property / 3