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Closes the peer queue Queue from ECLiPSe side.
Peer queue (atom or integer)


Close the peer queue Queue from ECLiPSe side. When this predicate returns, the peer queue would be closed on both the ECLiPSe and remote sides, and book-keeping information on both sides updated to exclude the queue. As with creating a peer queue, closing a peer queue is performed explicitly from one side only.

The user should not close a peer queue with close/1. This will only close the ECLiPSe end of the queue, and would not remove the book-keeping information. Note that peer_queue_close/1 will still remove the book-keeping information if some of the underlying streams associated with the peer queue are already unexpectedly closed.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Queue is not a current peer queue.


(5) type error
Queue is not an atom or integer.

See Also

peer_queue_create / 5, peer_queue_get_property / 3