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printf(+Format, ?ArgList)

The arguments in the argument list ArgList are interpreted according to the Format string and the result is printed to the output stream
String or Atom.
List or any Term.


Format is an atom or a string which can contain embedded format control sequences. ArgList is a list of arguments that will be interpreted, and possibly printed, under control of these format options. Any part of Format that is not a control sequence is written to the output stream.

For details of the formatting options, see printf/3.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


(5) type error
Format is not an atom or a string.
(5) type error
ArgList contains argument whose type does not correspond to the control sequence.
(7) string contains unexpected characters
Format is not correct, it contains too many asterisks or a control character is missing or there is a redundant character before the control character.
(8) bad argument list
ArgList has not enough or too many arguments.


   Equivalent to printf(output, Format, ArgList).  (see printf/3 for

See Also

printf / 3, display / 1, display / 2, print / 1, print / 2, sprintf / 3, write / 1, write / 2, writeq / 1, writeq / 2