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set_suspension_priority(+Susp, +Priority)

Change the priority of the suspended goal Susp to Priority.
A variable
A small integer

This built-in predicate is obsolete!


Every suspended goal has an associated priority. The initial priority is specified when the suspension is created with make_suspension/3. The priority can be changed anytime, but when the suspension has already been scheduled for execution (by schedule_suspensions/2), the change has no effect on this already scheduled execution.

Changing priorities is most useful for demons (where the same suspension is used for arbitrary many wakings) and where one might like to vary its urgency. Typically, the cheaper a goal is, and the more likely it is to fail or to produce useful information, the higher should it priority be. However, the relative priorities of other suspended goals must be kept in mind as well.

Note that a suspension is not a standard Prolog data structure and can only be manipulated in a restricted way.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
Susp or Priority are not instantiated.
(5) type error
Susp is not a live suspension or Priority is not an integer.
(6) out of range
Priority is not a valid priority.


See Also

set_suspension_data / 3, demon / 1, is_suspension / 1, kill_suspension / 1, make_suspension / 3, schedule_suspensions / 2, suspension_to_goal / 3