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Destroy a bag explicitly
A bag handle


This explicitly destroys a previously created bag object and frees all its memory. Invoking bag_abolish/1 is optional, the bag will be automatically destroyed when the system backtracks across the call to bag_create/1, or when the BagHandle is no longer needed and gets garbage collected. bag_dissolve/2 will also destroy the bag.

Using the BagHandle after it has been destroyed will lead to an error message. Destroying an already destroyed bag does nothing and is silently accepted.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
BagHandle is not instantiated
(5) type error
BagHandle is not a bag
(40) stale object handle
BagHandle refers to an already destroyed bag

See Also

bag_create / 1, bag_enter / 2, bag_count / 2, bag_erase / 1, bag_retrieve / 2, bag_dissolve / 2