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split_string(+String, +SepChars, +PadChars, -SubStrings)

Decompose String into SubStrings according to separators SepChars and padding characters PadChars.
A string.
A string.
A string.
A variable or list.


The string String is decomposed into sub-strings which are returned as a list of strings SubStrings. Every character occurring in SepChars is considered a separator, and every character occurring in PadChars is considered a padding character.

The string String is split at the separators, and any padding characters around the resulting sub-strings are removed. Neither the separators nor the padding characters occur in SubStrings.

Characters that occur both in SepChars and PadChars are considered separators, but such that a sequence of them is considered to be only one separator. Moreover, when they occur at the beginning or end of the string, they are ignored, ie. treated like padding.

The predicate can also be used to trim leading and trailing padding from a string by giving an empty separator string.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
String, SepChars or PadChars is not instantiated.
(5) type error
String, SepChars or PadChars is not a string.
(5) type error
List is neither an string nor a variable.


     % split at every /
     [eclipse]: split_string("/usr/local/eclipse", "/", "", L).
     L = ["", "usr", "local", "eclipse"]

     % split at every sequence of /
     [eclipse]: split_string("/usr/local//eclipse/", "/", "/", L).
     L = ["usr", "local", "eclipse"]

     % split and strip padding
     [eclipse 4]: split_string(" comma, separated , data items ",
                                                        ",", " \t", L).
     L = ["comma", "separated", "data items"]

     % just strip padding
     [eclipse]: split_string("   Hello world...", "", " .", L).
     L = ["Hello world"]

See Also

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