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?Term =.. ?List

Univ --- Succeeds if List is the list which has Term's functor as its first element and Term's arguments, if any, as its successive elements.
Prolog term.
List or variable.


If Term is atomic and/or List is a single-element list, unifies this element with Term.

Otherwise, either Term is instantiated to a compound term, or List is instantiated to a list, or both. In which case, ``univ'' unifies Term with functor(Arg1, Arg2, ..., ArgN), and List with [Functor', Arg1', Arg2', .., argN'], where functor is unified with Functor', Arg1 is unified with Arg1', etc. functor must be an atom, and it must be possible to determine the length of List from either Term or List.

Modes and Determinism


(5) type error
List is instantiated, but not to a list.
(4) instantiation fault
functor is not specified within Term or List (non-coroutine mode only).
(4) instantiation fault
The length of List cannot be determined (non-coroutine mode only).


   Term =.. [likes,david,play]. (gives Term = likes(david,play)).
   s([1,4,5,6]) =.. List.       (gives List = [s,[1,4,5,6]]).
   zero_arity =.. List.         (gives List = [zero_arity]).
   1234 =.. List.               (gives List = [1234]).
   "string" =.. List.           (gives List = ["string"]).
   2.9 =.. List.                (gives List = [2.9]).
   f(1,X,3) =.. [Y,Z,2,W].      (gives X=2; Y=f; Z=1; W=3).
   f(1,X,3) =.. [A,B,C,D].      (gives A=f; B=1; C=2; D=3).
   f(A) =.. List.               (gives A=_g74; List=[f,_g74]).
   Term =.. [f,A].              (gives Term=f(_g76); A=_g76).
   f(1,2,3) =.. [f | A].        (gives A=[1,2,3]).
   a =.. [X].                   (gives X=a)
  likes(man,play) =.. [likes,man,work].

  Term =.. List.        (Error 4).
  Term =.. [Var,1,2,3]. (Error 4). % functor of Term is
                                   %   not specified.
  Term =.. [f | A].     (Error 4). % arity of Term is
                                   %   not specified.
  Term =.. [f,a,b | X]. (Error 4).
  Term =.. my_atom.     (Error 5).
  Term =.. [1,2,3].     (Error 5).
  Term =.. [a|b].       (Error 5).
  Term =.. [f,a,b | c]. (Error 5).

See Also

arg / 3, arity / 2, functor / 3