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Checks the label_with declarations of Constraint.
A chr constraint.


Checks the label_with declarations of Constraint. Used by advanced constraint handling rules users to write their own labeling procedure for the constraints defined by constraint handling rules.

Fail Conditions

Fails if Constraint is a variable or if Constraint does not have a label_with declaration or if the guard of all unifying label_with declarations fail.




   Given the following  label_with declaration (from the example
   constraint handler in file  time-pc.chr:
label_with path(N, X, Y, L, T, I) if N>1.

[eclipse]: chr_label_with(path(N,X,Y,L,T,I)).
no (more) solution.

[eclipse]: chr_label_with(path(1,X,Y,L,T,I)).
no (more) solution.

[eclipse]: chr_label_with(path(2,X,Y,L,T,I)).
X = X
Y = Y
L = L
T = T
I = I     More? (;)
no (more) solution.

See Also

chr_labeling / 0, chr_resolve / 1, chr_get_constraint / 1, chr_get_constraint / 2