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Set parameters for column generation instance.
Parameter name
Parameter value


Set parameters for the give column generation instance:

disallow (off|lp|clp)
policy for active preventions of duplicate columns.
int_tolerance (1e-5|float)
tolerance for optimality.
basis_perturbation (off|on)
should we try and perturb the external solver basis when we appear to be at optimal and external solver returns same basis after adding columns ('off' - no, 'on' - temporarily set the external solver to always perturb)
info_messages (off|on)
print messages while solving.
on_degeneracy (stop|continue)
should we halt when we find degeneracy (default 'stop'), or continue and let the subproblem solver deal with it ('continue').
stabilisation (off|on()|stab_pred())
the policy to perform basis stabilisation:
no stabilisation is performed.
on(BoundIter, BoundUpdate, CoeffIter, CoeffUpdate)
then the default policy is used with var bounds/coefficients updated by BoundUpdate/CoeffUpdate after BoundIter/CoeffIter iterations respectively.
stab_pred(UpdatePred, StoppingPred)
a user defined policy is employed and UpdatePred/ StoppingPred should be predicates that perform the updates and test for stopping conditions.
parameters for stabilisation, per constraint.

See Also

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