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set_option(++Name, ?Value)

Gives a new value to an option
Name of the option
Value to be given to the option


This predicate gives a new value Value to the option with name Name. The option must have already been registered with register_option/3. If the option has an associated validation predicate (see register_option/3), then this is called before the option is given the new value, and if the validation predicate fails the value is not assigned and set_option/2 fails.

If the new value is successfully set, then any notification predicates associated with the option (see request_notification/2 and register_option/3) are called.

The value set is persistent across backtracking. Value is copied during setting, which means that if it is non-ground then it will contain fresh copies of variables rather than the original ones when retrieved later.

See Also

register_option / 3, get_option / 2, request_notification / 2