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result(+File, +OptionList)

Pretty-print a file, including any code coverage results
Atom or string
List of Name:Value pairs


This will pretty-print the given source file, annotated with the values of code coverage counters. By default, the resulting .html file will be placed in a sub-directory called 'coverage', relative to File.

OptionList is a list of options identical to the one accepted by pretty_print/2 in the library(pretty_printer), and can be used to modify the output style and the location of the output file.

This predicate only makes sense if File has previously been compiled in coverage mode (using coverage:ccompile/1,2), and the code has been run in order to obtain values for the coverage counters.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

result / 1, pretty_printer : pretty_print / 2, ccompile / 1, library(coverage), library(pretty_printer)