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gen_cons_table(+HtmlTopDir, ++Roots, +Title)

Generate an HTML table of the constraints of the given types
A directory path name
List of atoms (solver root names)
Descriptive title for the solver group


This predicate generates an HTML page with a table of the constraints available for the solvers listed as Roots (e.g. ic, fd, gfd). The information is generated from the kind fields of the comment/2 documentation.

The table list constraints by name in rows, and the solvers that support the particular constraint.If a constraint is supplied by a library other than the main solver library (e.g. ic_global for ic), then this library is shown (note a constraint may be supported by multiple libraries for the same solver, in which case, all the libraries are listed).

In addition, the name(s) of the constraint(s) in the Gobal Constraint Catalog (GCCAT -- http://sofdem.github.io/gccat/gccat/) is also listed, if described in the catalog. Note that each ECLiPSe constraint may map to multiple GCCAT constraint and vice versa.