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Generates an information file from the ECLiPSe source File.
Name of source file (Atom or string)


Given an ECLiPSe source file (usually a file with a .ecl suffix), this tool generates an ECLiPSe interface information file (with .eci suffix). The output file is created in the same directory as the source file. To create it elsewhere, use icompile/2.

The given source file must contain a module definition. icompile then extracts all information about this module's interface (in particular all export directives), as well as the corresponding documentation (comment/2) directives, and writes those into an interface information file with .eci suffix. The latter can then be used to generate HTML documentation about the module.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

icompile / 2, comment / 2, eci_to_html / 3, ecis_to_htmls / 4