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SWI/hProlog-style variable attribute interface   [more]


Term is a variable with at least one dynamic attribute
copy_term(?Term, -Copy, -Goals)
Compatibility: SWI/SICStus-Prolog term copy
copy_term_nat(?Term, -Copy)
Copy term without variable attributes
del_attr(?Var, +Name)
Delete a dynamic attribute
Delete all dynamic attributes
get_attr(-Var, +Name, -Value)
Retrieve a dynamic attribute
get_attrs(-Var, -Attrs)
Get all dynamic attributes
put_attr(-Var, +Name, ?Value)
Add or replace a dynamic attribute
put_attrs(-Var, +Attrs)
Add or replace dynamic attributes
term_attvars(?, ?)
No description available


This library provides variable attributes in the style of Demoen (Bart Demoen: Dynamic attributes, their hProlog implementation, and a first evaluation. Report CW 350, Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, Oct 2002), and aims specifically at compatibility with their implementation in SWI-Prolog.

The designation 'dynamic attributes' indicates that these attribute names do not have to be declared, and attributes can be freely added and removed. The implementation consists of a thin layer on top of ECLiPSe's native variable attributes: they are stored in a hash table attached to a variable as the ECLiPSe attribute 'dynamic_attributes'.

Dynamic attributes can be freely mixed with ECLiPSe's native attributes.


See Also

meta_attribute / 2, library(atts), library(swi)
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