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eplex_var_get(+Var, ++What, -Value)

EplexInstance:eplex_var_get(+Var, ++What, -Value)

Obtain information for an individual solver problem variable Var.
A solver problem variable for solver associated with EplexInstance
Specification for information wanted (atom)
Returned value of What


Retrieve information about the (logically) most recent solver state and results related to a particular variable, for the eplex instance EplexInstance. Fails if no solution has been computed yet. What can take one of the following values:

Returns the floating-point solution for variable Var.

Returns the properly typed (integer or float) solution for variable Var, depending on if the variable was constrained to be an integer or not for EplexInstance.

Returns the reduced cost for variable Var. If the problem is a MIP, then depending on the external solver, this is either unavailable or is the value at the optimal LP node. Note that reduced cost is defined as the minimal amount the objective value will be changed by if the variable's value is increased by 1 from its solution value.
Returns the type the variable Var is constrained to in EplexInstance. Possible values are integer or real.

Note that solution or reduced_cost can only be retrieved when previously requested in the option list of eplex_solver_setup/4, lp_demon_setup/5, lp_setup/4 or with lp_set/3.


(6) out of range
What is not a valid value.
(6) out of range
Var is not a problem variable for EplexInstance.
(6) out of range
What is unavailable; the information was not requested at solver setup.
(40) stale object handle
Solver state had been previously destroyed.