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lp_add(+Handle, +NewNormCons, +NewIntegers)

Add new constraints to a solver state Handle.
Handle to a solver state
List of new normalised constraints
List of variables to be considered as integers


Add new normalised constraints (with possibly new variables) to a solver. This is a lower level predicate called by lp_add_constraints/3 and when constraints are collected from the constraints pool by the solver. The constraints are not simplified and must already be normalised, so constraints which would otherwise be simplified away by the higher level predicates can be added to the external solver. The constraints will be removed on backtracking. Note that the solver will not be invoked directly.

Note that variables in NewIntegers can be any problem variables. In previous versions of ECLiPSe, there was a restriction that the variables be new problem variables; this restriction has been removed.



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