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Get a runtime license token for the external solver.


The eplex-library interfaces to an external simplex/MIP solver which might require a license to run (e.g. CPLEX, XPRESS-MP, Gurobi). When the eplex-library is loaded, it tries to obtain a license immediately. If this is not possible, for example because the license pool is temporarily empty, a warning is printed. The application program should then call lp_get_license/0 later to obtain a license before any eplex functionality is used. If a license is successfully obtained or already held, lp_get_license succeeds, otherwise it fails.

This predicate uses information from the file eplex_lic_info.ecl in the ECLiPSe library directory, or solver specific environment variable settings to locate the licensing information.

Fail Conditions

Fails if no license can (currently) be obtained

See Also

lp_get_license / 2, lp_release_license / 0