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lp_var_set_bounds(+Handle, ?Var, +Lo, +Hi)

Imposes new bounds for Var on the solver state of Handle.
Handle to a solver state
A solver problem variable for Handle
New lower bound for Var (number)
New upper bound for Var (number)


Imposes numeric bounds on the solver state of Handle for the variable Var. Each bound is only updated if it is more narrow than the current bound for the variable. The bounds are converted to floats before they are imposed, and no typing is implied by the type of the numbers. It is possible to impose incompatible bounds for the same variable on different solver states. Var must be an existing problem variable for Handle, i.e. it must occur in the constraints posted to the solver state.

Fail Conditions

Lo is greater than Hi.




(5) type error
Handle is not in the form of a solver handle.
(6) out of range
Var is not a problem variable for Handle.
(40) stale object handle
Handle not valid: solver state had been destroyed by cleanup

See Also

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