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?Vars :: ?Domain

Terms in Vars have the domain Domain.
A variable or a list of variables.
Variable, integer, integer interval or a list of integers and integer intervals.


The main purpose of this predicate is to create domain variables. Domain can be a closed integer interval denoted as Min..Max, or a sorted list of integer intervals and/or elements. If Vars is already a domain variable, its domain will be updated according to the new domain; if it is instantiated, the predicate checks if the value lies in the domain. Otherwise, if Vars is a free variable, it is converted to a domain variable. If Vars is a list, this will be performed for all its elements.

If Vars is a domain variable and Domain is free, it is bound to the domain of the variable.

Fail Conditions

Fails if Vars cannot have the domain Domain.



See Also

#:: / 2, dom_to_list / 2, is_domain / 1