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Library for interfacing with the GAP computational algebra system   [more]


gap_command(++Format, +Args)
Send a command to GAP
Make sure there is a GAP session active
gap_query(++Format, +Args, ?Result)
Query GAP
gap_query_string(++Format, +Args, ?Result)
Query GAP
Restart a GAP session
Query whether a GAP session is currently active
Shut down a GAP session


This library provides an interface to the GAP computational algebra system (see
www.gap-system.org). GAP must be installed and appear in the user's path in order for this library to work.

Commands can be sent to GAP using the gap_command/2 predicate. If there are results that need to be returned to ECLiPSe, use gap_query/3 or gap_query_string/3. Normally GAP will be started automatically when it is needed, and shut down automatically when the ECLiPSe session ends, but some manual control is available through gap_ensure_started/0, gap_shutdown/0 and gap_restart/0. gap_running/0 can be used to determine whether a GAP session is currently active.

The current implementation of the library only supports one GAP session at a time, to be shared amongst all software components that use the library. In future we expect to allow multiple concurrent independent sessions through the use of handles.

This library supports the following options (see library(config_opts)):

Controls how much reporting output the GAP interface generates. Valid levels are:

Generate no reporting output under any circumstances.
Generate reporting output only when an error occurs.
Generate basic reporting output.
Generate lots of reporting output, including all commands and queries sent to/from GAP.

The default is standard. Verbose can be useful for debugging.

Specifies the stream to send reporting output to. By default, ECLiPSe's standard output stream is used.
This library is still experimental and is expected to evolve. Feedback, suggestions, problem reports, etc. welcome.

Please note that this library currently does not work on Windows machines since it relies on named pipes, which are currently unsupported by cygwin.


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