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struct gfd_control(commit_distance, adaptive_distance, threads)

Structure for passing low-level control parameters to gecode search-engines.


the commit recomputation distance (integer)(member c_d of Gecode::Search::Options)
the adaptive recomputation distance (integer)(member a_d of Gecode::Search::Options)
number of threads to use in search (integer or float)(member threads of Gecode::Search::Options)


This structure is used in search/6 predicate, which interface to gecode's search-engines. The structure is used by the control option to pass values for low-level parameters that control the behaviour gecode search-engine. See the gecode documentation for more details explanation of the parameters. For threads, if >= 1, this specifies number of threads to use in search, but for < 1, this specify the number of threads in relation to the number of processors on the machine, see the gecode documentation for more detail.