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struct gfd_stats(prop, fail, nodes, depth, mem)

Structure for obtaining statistics or providing stopping limits for gecode search-engines


Number of propagations performed. (stats only)
Number of failed nodes.
Number of nodes expanded.
Maximum depth of search stack. (stats only)
peak memory usage (in bytes) by gecode.


This structure is used in search/6 predicate, which interface to gecode's search-engines. The structure can be used to obtain statistics of the search via the stats option, in this case the fields of the structure should be uninstantiated, and search/6 will instantiate it when a solution is returned. Secondly, the struct can be used in the limits option, to specify limits for the search, such that the search will be terminated when the specified limit is exceeded. In this case, the fields for which limits are required should be set. Note that not all fields can be used as limits. If the field cannot be used as a limit, it will be ignored.