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<ConsistencyModule:> ham_path_offset_g(?Start,?End,+Succ,+Offset,++CostMatrix,?Cost)

Constrains elements in Succ (offset by Offset) to form a Hamiltonian path from Start to End with cost Cost. This version uses native Gecode indexing.
An integer or (domain) variable (array notation accepted)
An integer or (domain) variable (array notation accepted)
A collection of N different (domain) variables or integers
Offset for Succ (An integer)
A NxN matrix collection of integers.
A (domain) variable or integer (array notation accepted).


This version of ham_path_offset/4 uses the native Gecode indexing, which starts from 0. This is different from normal ECLiPSe's indexing, which starts from 1. Offset is not adjusted in this version. This version of the constraint is provided for completeness, in case the user is using native Gecode indexing in their code, so that Offset does not need to be adjusted manually by the user.

This constraint can be embedded in a constraint expression in its functional form (without the last argument).

See ham_path_offset/6 for a more detailed description of this predicate.

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