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This library provides the IC/FD compatible search-related components for the GFD-library   [more]


delete(-X, +List, -R, ++Arg, ++Select)
Choose a domain variable from a list according to selection criterion.
indomain(?Var, ++Method)
a flexible way to assign values to finite domain variables
nth_value(+Domain, ++N, -Value)
return the nth value in a domain
search(+L, ++Arg, ++Select, +Choice, ++Method, +Option)
A generic search routine for finite domains or IC which implements different partial search methods (complete, credit, lds, bbs, dbs, sbds, gap_sbds, gap_sbdd)


This library provides the generic search facilities search/6, delete/5 and indomain/2 for the GFD solver, compatible with the corresponding versions in library(fd_search) and library(ic).

This GFD version allows the following additional variable selection criteria (in addition to the generic ones) in delete/5 and search/6:

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