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list_to_hash(+KeyPos, +ValPos, +List, ?Table)

Enter a list of items into a (new or existing) hash table
Key position (non-negative integer)
Value position (non-negative integer)
List of structures
A hash table or variable


This predicate takes a list of structures, and makes an entry into a hash table for every list element. The KeyPos argument determines which structure argument will be used as the key, and ValPos determines which structure argument will be used as the value. KeyPos and/or ValPos can be set to 0, indicating that the whole structure should be used, rather than just one argument. This makes this predicate quite versatile and avoids the need to construct auxiliary lists.

The hash table itself may already exist, in which case the new entries will be added to the table, possibly replacing existing entries with the same key. If Table is a free variable, a fresh hash table will be implicitly created (as with hash_create/1).

When working with struct-notation, KeyPos and ValPos can also be symbolic terms like `author of book'.

Modes and Determinism


        % To enter a Key-Value list, use positions 1 and 2:
        ?- Data = [a-one,c-three,b-two],
           list_to_hash(1, 2, Data, Hash),
           hash_get(Hash, b, X).

        X = two
        Yes (0.00s cpu)

        % To enter structures using one of their arguments as the key:
        ?- Data = [emp(jo,12),emp(ed,7),emp(al,4)],
           list_to_hash(2, 0, Data, Hash),
           hash_get(Hash, 7, X).

        X = emp(ed, 7)
        Yes (0.00s cpu)

        % You can incrementally add to/update an existing hash table:
        ?- hash_create(Hash),
           hash_set(Hash, d, four),
           list_to_hash(1, 2, [a-one,c-three,b-two], Hash),
           list_to_hash(1, 2, [c-new,e-five], Hash),
           hash_list(Hash, Keys, Values).

        Keys = [d, e, a, b, c]
        Values = [four, five, one, two, new]
        Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

hash_create / 1, hash_set / 3, struct / 1