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reexport http_client
reexport http_server


The HTTP library contains an extensible server and a client for the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The library is entirely written in ECLiPSe.

Typical use of the client is for building WWW "Worms", WWW "Robots" or customized WWW browsers. Typical use of the server is for building customized servers, e.g. dynamic generation of HTML pages. The server and the client can typically be used together to build proxy servers.

Limitations and Bugs:

The library consists of two sub-modules, http_client and http_server, which can also be loaded separately.

The structure of the HTTP messages is precisely described in the specification document (http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Protocols/). An augmented BNF is provided for each component of the header. We have used the DCG (Definite Clause Grammar) mechanism of ECLiPSe to encode the grammar, that we use for both parsing (from HTTP messages into Prolog terms) and pretty printing (from prolog terms into HTTP messages).

This DCG grammar may have to be modified with the evolutions of the HTTP protocol (standard modification and available client or server implementations).


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