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Start an http server
An integer port number


The server does: NOTE: The predicate http_server/1 requires that a module http_method is defined that contains a predicate http_method/6. This predicate is used by the programmer to customize the server. For instance the method GET can be simply implemented. The programmer can define its own methods.

A simple example of server is the implementation of the method GET. A module is created that contains the predicate http_method/6 that implements the method GET: a read on the file identified by its URL. The file is returned if it is found, otherwise an error parameter is returned.

This simple program can be used to test HTML pages. Viewers such as Netscape provide a view code option that signalizes syntax errors in the HTML code. This simple program can be used as a light weight testing tool, possibly launched from the directory where the HTML page resides.


    [eclipse 1]: [user].
     *  test (server)

    :- module(http_method).

    :- set_error_handler(170, fail/0).
    :- set_error_handler(171, fail/0).

    http_method(+Method, +Url, +ObjectBody, -Output, -StatusCode, -Parameter)
    executes the method on the object and returns:
    - the output of the method (possibly empty)
    - a status code for the response status line
    - a list of http parameters (in particular the length of the object body).


    http_method("GET", Url, _, Contents, 200, [contentLength(CL)]):-
	    append_strings("/", FileName, Url),
	    getContents(FileName, Contents), !,
	    string_length(Contents, CL).
    http_method("GET", _, _, "", 404, []).

    getContents(Url, Contents):-
	    open(Url, read, S),
	    read_string(S, "", _, Contents),



    [eclipse 2]: use_module(http).
    http_grammar.pl compiled traceable 25048 bytes in 0.27 seconds
    http_client.pl compiled traceable 6052 bytes in 0.28 seconds
    http_server.pl compiled traceable 5564 bytes in 0.03 seconds
    http.pl    compiled traceable 0 bytes in 0.35 seconds

    [eclipse 3]: use_module(http_method).

    [eclipse 4]: http_server(8000).