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delayed_goals_number(?Var, -Number)

Returns the number of goals delayed on the ic attribute of Var.
Variable or term
Number of goals delayed on the ic attribute of Var.


N is the number of constraints and suspended goals currently attached to the IC attribute of the variable Var. Note that this number may not correspond to the exact number of different constraints attached to Var, as goals in different suspension lists are counted separately, and a constraint may decompose into more than one suspension. This predicate is often used when looking for the most or least constrained variable from a set of domain variables. If Var is not a variable, N is bound to 1.0Inf; otherwise if Var is not an IC variable, N is zero.

Note that this predicate only counts goals attached to the IC attribute; if you want to count all goals attached to a variable, use the generic delayed_goals_number/2.

Modes and Determinism

See Also

delayed_goals_number / 2, ic_kernel : delayed_goals_number / 2