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sbds_try_set(+Var, ++Value, ++Bool)

Try adding/excluding a value to/from an SBDS set search variable
The set variable to use
The value to try
Whether to add or exclude the value first


Make an SBDS (set) search choice. Specifically, if Bool is 1, try adding the (integer) value Value to the (set) variable Var; on backtracking exclude it. If Bool is 0, try excluding Value first and try adding it on backtracking.

Var should be an element of an array previously initialised using sbds_initialise_set/5.

Use sbds_try_set/4 if you wish to know which is the currently successful branch (Value in Var or Value notin Var).

See Also

sbds_initialise_set / 5, sbds_try_set / 4, sbds_try / 2