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make_overlap_bivs(+Tasks, -BivLists, -BivSums, ++Resource, ++Options)

Make a set of overlap bivalued variables for a set of tasks. Introduce a set of 'bivalued sum' variables, equal to the sum of the binaries at an overlap. The bivalued sum variables represent the total resources needed
A list of task structures - see library(ic_probe_support)
A list of lists of integer variables
A list of integer variables, each one the sum of a list of binaries
An integer quantity of resource available
An options structure


Based on the tentative assignments, probe_search finds a task start time where the resources are not sufficient to make the tentative assignment feasible. In case a bottleneck task has a variable resource requirement, this is reduced to its minimum possible value. Otherwise, probe_search chooses a bivalued 'overlap' variable at this bottleneck and using add_con it adds a constraint trying to eliminate the overlap.



See Also

ic_probing_for_scheduling : probe_cstr_sched / 7, probing_for_scheduling : probe_cstr_sched / 7, probe : add_con / 3, ic_probe : add_con / 3