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Open the instrumentation profiler's delta results file.
Atom or string


Open the file that the instrumentation profiler writes delta values to. If a file has been previously opened using open_delta_file/1 it is shut before the specified file is opened.

Delta values are the instrumentation profiling results for the single execution (as opposed to aggregated) of a profiled code fragment.

NOTE: Memory related statistics are displayed in bytes.

For performance reasons, the results are written to the file using buffered I/O - each result is not flushed to the file as it is emitted. As a result to ensure all results are flushed to the disk file, close_delta_file must be executed.

Fail Conditions





(4) instantiation fault
File is not instantiated
(5) type error
File is not an atom or string

See Also

close_delta_file / 0, statprofile / 3, statistics / 2, library(instprofile)