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Measure the system's speed using the naive reverse benchmark   [more]


Run the benchmark a reasonable number of times and print the average speed
Run the benchmark Count times and print the average speed
Run the benchmark Count times with lists of length Length


Measure the system's speed in logical inferences per second, using the infamous naive reverse program. This test does not say very much about the quality of a system. All it gives is an indication about the speed of list processing.

The executed program is:

    nreverse([], []).
    nreverse([X|L0],L) :-
	    nreverse(L0, L1),
	    concatenate(L1, [X], L).

    concatenate([], L, L).
    concatenate([X|L1], L2, [X|L3]) :-
	    concatenate(L1, L2, L3).
and the standard benchmark is to call nreverse/2 with a 30-element list as the first and a variable as the second argument. This instance is assumed to have 496 logical inferences.


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