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append(+ListOfLists, -LongList)

Concatenate a list of lists
A list of lists
Concatenation of the individual lists


Concatenates (appends) several lists into one long list. The lists to be concatenated and their order is given as ListOfLists. If the number or length of the given lists are unknown, the predicate delays.

Modes and Determinism


	?- append([[a,b],[c],[],[d]], Zs).
	Zs = [a, b, c, d]
	Yes (0.00s cpu)

	?- append([[a,b],c,[d]], Zs).
	No (0.00s cpu)

	?- append([], Zs).
	Zs = []
	Yes (0.00s cpu)

	?- append([[a]|Bs], Zs).
	Bs = Bs
	Zs = [a|_177]
	Delayed goals:
		append(Bs, _177)
	Yes (0.00s cpu)

	?- append([[a],Bs,[c]], Zs).
	Zs = [a|_183]
	Delayed goals:
	    	lists : append3(Bs, [c], _183)
	Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

append / 3, flatten / 3