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set_default_option(+OptionName, +OptionValue)

Permanently set the default value for the given option in the context module
An atom
A valid option term


The exact behaviour of this predicate depends on the module from where it is invoked: It changes the default value for a named option in the context module. The initial default values are defined by the predicate default_options/1 in the context module.

The option name OptionName must be valid according to the predicate valid_option_field/2 in the context module, and OptionValue must be valid according to valid_option_value/2.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


(4) instantiation fault
OptionName or OptionValue are uninstantiated
(5) type error
OptionName is not an atom
(6) out of range
OptionName is not a valid option, or OptionValue is not a valid value in the context module

See Also

library(module_options), get_options / 2, print_default_options / 1