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open_receiver_init(+SendPort, +InitialMessages, -InitialMessagesTail, -ReceivePort)

Create a receiver for a given notification sender
a send port structure
the head of a list of initial messages
the tail of the list of initial messages
a variable, will be bound to a structure


This predicate creates a receive port listening to messages sent via the specified send port. The new receive port will receive all messages that are sent via the send port after the receiver has been opened. Messages that were sent before the receiver has been opened will not be received by this receiver.

In addition to open_receiver/2, there is a difference list pair (InitialMessages and InitialMessagesTail) which can be used to fake a sequence of initial message that will be received on the receive port without actually having been sent from the associated send port. This feature can be used to bring the message receiving agent into a particular starting state.

See Also

open_receiver / 2