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alldifferent_t(+Xs, +Cs, +MC)

Tentative value implementation of alldifferent/2 constraint
A list or array of variables/values
A list or array of numbers
A monitored_constraint descriptor


Tentative value implementation of alldifferent constraint with offsets. The difference releationship must hold between the values resulting from adding each variable Xi to its corresponding offset Ci.

The violatedness of the constraint is the number of identical value pairs among these Xi+Ci values.

The following declaration is in effect, meaning that alldifferent_t/3 is used whenever alldifferent/2 is added to a constraint set:

	:- alldifferent_t/3 tent_implements alldiffernet/2.

Modes and Determinism


    ?- Xs = [A,B,C], Xs tent_set [1,2,3], CS :~ alldifferent(Xs, [1,0,0]).
    Xs = [A{1 -> 1}, B{2 -> 1}, C{3 -> 0}]
    CS = constraint_set(TotalVio{1 -> 0}, ...)
    There is 1 delayed goal.
    Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

alldifferent_t / 2, neq_t / 3, tentative : tent_implements / 2