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Module for logging and collating test times   [more]


collate_time_logs(++Directory, ++Package, ++Embedding, ++MasterLogFile)
Collate local time logs into master log
Prepare for time logging
log_time_local(++Name, ++Time)
Log a time in the local directory


This module is used for logging and collating the times taken to run tests (but could be used for other similar purposes). Before running any tests, call initialise_time_logging/1. This deletes any old administrative files from a previous test run. Then, within the test harness for an individual test, call log_time_local/2 to log the time taken for the test to a temporary local file. Finally, once all the tests have completed successfully, call collate_time_logs/4 to collect all the local administrative files and add all the data to the master log file.


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