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start_tty_vc(++VCName, ++InitialViewGranularity, ++ChangeCondition)

Start a TTY visualisation client, specifying both the view granularity and the change condition.
An atom; the name of the TTY VC.
An atom: 'coarse' or 'fine'
A term of the form change_condition(<Module>, <AttributeStructName>, <SuspListName>)


This predicate starts a TTY visualisation client (VC), but allows the user to specify both the view granularity, as in start_tty_vc/2 and the change condition. The change condition specifies the suspension list to use for updates. The most obvious choice is the default in the other two predicates, constrained of suspend in the suspend module. If other suspension lists are used, the value of the element displayed in the output of the TTY VC may sometimes be out of date. Otherwise the predicate behaves exactly like start_tty_vc/2.



See Also

stop_tty_vc / 0, start_tty_vc / 1, start_tty_vc / 2