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Allows variables to be given stable and unique names.   [more]


get_a_var_name(?, ?)
No description available
get_var_name(?Var, -Name)
Retrieve the name given to a variable via set_var_name/2
set_var_name(?Vars, ++BaseName)
Give a unique name to each variable in Vars based on BaseName and a counter.
set_var_name_counter(++BaseName, ++Start)
Set the initial value for the counter for variable name BaseName.


The var_name library is used to allow variables to be given unique and stable names. These names are printed whenever the variable is printed. The main novel feature is that the name is unique at any time, and that this name is stable in that it would not change between runs of the same program.

These variable names are intended solely for purposes of debugging and visualisation of a program execution. Any use of this feature in the actual program logic or algorithm is strongly discouraged.

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