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viewable_expand(++ViewableName, ++DimensionNumber, +ExtraElements, ++LocName)

Expand a dimension of a viewable by adding new elements, specifying the name of the new location.
A string or atom; the name of an existent viewable
An integer: the number of the dimension to be enlarged.
A nested list or an array of the right size/dimensions, containing the new viewable elements.
A string: the name of the new location.


NOTE:When there are no registered visualisation clients, this predicate succeeds with any arguments, and has no effect.

This predicate behaves exactly the same as viewable_expand/3 except that you have the added ability to name the new location of the expanded dimension. LocName is a string which becomes the name for the new location.

For more details on expanding viewables, see the documentation for viewable_expand/3.

Fail Conditions

Fails if ViewableName is not the name of an existent viewable, or if the requested dimension of the viewable is not flexible.




(4) instantiation fault
ViewableName is not a string or atom
(5) type error
DimensionNumber is not a ground integer
(6) out of range
DimensionNumber is not positive, or exceeds the viewable's number of dimensions
(1) general error
ExtraElements is not a regular nested list or array of the correct size/dimensions
(5) type error
ExtraElements contains elements which do not conform to the element type of the viewable
(5) type error
LocName is not a string


[Assuming that at least one visualisation client is registered]

       viewable_create(v1, [[X, Y, Z], [A, B, C]], 
       	               array([flexible, fixed], any)), 
       viewable_expand(v1, 1, [R, S, T], "barg").

       This will add to the 2 x 3 viewable a third row, named "barg".

       viewable_create(v1, [[X, Y, Z], [A, B, C]], 
       	               array([fixed, flexible], any)), 
       viewable_expand(v1, 2, [Q, P], "zatch").

       This will add to the 2 x 3 viewable a fourth column, named "zatch".

See Also

viewable_expand / 3, viewable_create / 4, viewable_size / 2, viewable_type / 2