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xref(+File, +Options)

Display a call graph for a source module file
Name of the source file (atom or string)
A list of Option:Value structures


Computes a call graph for the given source file and displays it. The possible options are:
builtins ('off' or 'on')
selects whether to show built-in predicates or not. Default: off.
output ('text', 'graphviz', graphviz(Options), 'daVinci' or file(File))
selects how to show the results. 'text' is a for a simple textual listing on the output stream, file(File) writes text output into the specified file, 'daVinci' uses the daVinci graph drawing library, 'graphviz' uses the graphviz graph drawing library. Default: text.
relation ('calls' or 'called_by')
selects whether to print the 'calls' relation or it inverse, the 'called_by' relation. Default: calls.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

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