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minimum(?SetVariable, ?Min)

Minimum of a set of integers
A Set (variable or ground) of integers.
An integer or an FD variable.


Min is the minimum (i.e. the lowest element) of SetVariable.

If Min is given (as an integer or FD variable) then SetVariable is constrained to have such minimum. If Min is a free variable, then it is unified with the set's minimum as an FD variable or an integer (if it is already known).

minimum/2 can thus be used either to declare (or constrain) a minimum function or to retrieve it.

Fail Conditions

Fails if Min can not be the minimum of SetVariable.




?- S`::[]..[1,2], minimum(S,M).
?- set(S,[],[1,2],[minimum:1], minimum(S,M).
M = 1

?- S`::[]+[1,2], minimum(S,2).
S = [2]

?- set(S,[],[1,2],[minimum:2], minimum(S,M).
S = [2]
M = 2

See Also

maximum / 2, set / 4, sets / 4, cardinality / 2