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read_term(-Term, +Options)

Read a whole term in ECLiPSe syntax from the current input stream, according to Options
An term, usually a variable
List of option terms


This is a generalisation of the predicates read/1 and readvar/3.

read_term(Term, Options) is equivalent to read_term(output, Term, Options). For details see read_term/3.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

Fail Conditions

Fails if a syntax error was detected and no term could be read


(5) type error
Options is not a list of compound terms.
(6) out of range
Options list contains a unrecognised option.


        Equivalent to read_term(output, Term, Options).
        See read_term/3 for examples.

See Also

read_term / 3, read / 1, read / 2, library(numbervars)