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compile_term_annotated(+Clauses, ?Annotated, ++Options)

Compile a list of terms, possibly annotated with source information
List of clauses and/or directives
Annotated form of Clauses, or variable
List of compiler options


Compile a list of clauses and queries, when source location information is available. Such annotated source clauses occur inside inlining transformations (inline/2) or macro transformations (macro/3), when using library(source_processor), or when using read_annotated/3. Code compiled with source location annotations can be traced more easily in the debugger.

If Annotated is a variable, then no source information is available, and the predicate behaves exactly like compile_term/2. If Annotated is instantiated, it must corresponded to the annotated form of Clauses, i.e. as if returned by read_annotated/2,3.

See compile_term/2 for details.


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).

See Also

compile / 1, compile_term / 2, compile / 2, compile_term / 1, read_annotated / 2, read_annotated / 3