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Predicate Database and Compiler

Built-ins for creation of handling of executable code


[+File_1, ...., +File_N]
Compile source file or load precompiled file, or list of files
abolish +SpecList
Remove the definition of the predicates specified in SpecList.
Outputs the abstract code for the compiled predicate PredSpec.
Compile specified file, or list of files, with default options
compile(++Source, ++Options)
Compile specified file, or list of files, with given options
Compile the given stream Stream with default options
Compile a list of clauses using the default options
compile_term(+Clauses, ++Options)
Compile specified clause or list of clauses, with the given options
compile_term_annotated(+Clauses, ?Annotated, ++Options)
Compile a list of terms, possibly annotated with source information
Succeeds if the I/O stream currently being compiled is Stream.
Succeeds if the predicate defined by PredSpec is a visible built-in predicate.
current_compiled_file(?File, -Time, -Module)
Succeeds if File is a file that has been compiled into the system.
current_module_predicate(+Property, ?PredSpec)
Used to enumerate all predicates with given property in the context module
Retrieves pragmas that are currently in effect for the context module
Succeeds if PredSpec is a visible predicate defined by the user, or a visible library predicate.
demon +SpecList
Declares the procedure(s) specified by SpecList to be demons.
deprecated(++PredSpec, +Advice)
Declares the specified procedure as deprecated
Declares the procedure(s) specified by SpecList as discontiguous
Compile or load the specified Files if necessary.
expand_clause(+Term, -TransTerm)
Apply clause transformation to Term
expand_goal(+Term, -TransTerm)
Apply goal inline expansion to Term
get_flag(++PredSpec, ?Flag, -Value)
Succeeds if the flag Flag of the procedure specified by PredSpec has the value Value.
Declares Pred as a candidate for inlining (unfolding).
inline(++Pred, ++TransPred)
Declares TransPred as the predicate to be used to do compile-time transformation (e.g. inlining) of calls to Pred.
Succeeds if PredSpec is a defined predicate.
Makes the library LibraryName available in the current module if not loaded already.
Specifies the meta-arguments for the given predicates
mode +PredModes
Specifies the mode (calling pattern) for the given predicates
parallel +SpecList
Declares the procedure(s) specified by SpecList as parallel.
set_flag(++PredSpec, +Flag, +Value)
Sets the flag Flag of the procedure specified by PredSpec to the value Value.

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