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Deregisters and removes the peer Peer from peer multitasking.
Existing multitasking peer name (atom)


This predicate is intended for use only in implementing peer multitasking for an external language interface.

Deregisters the existing multitasking peer Peer as a multitask peer. The multitasking control peer queue for Peer, created when the peer was registered for multitasking, is closed. Peer will no longer be involved in future multitasking phases.

Note that while information associated with the multitasking for Peer is removed from the ECLiPSe side, any information on the external side is not touched. It is the responsibility of the external language interface to remove any multitasking information on the external side, before or after using this predicate.

Modes and Determinism

Fail Conditions

Peer is a peer, but not registered for multitasking.


(6) out of range
Peer is not an existing peer name

See Also

peer_register_multitask / 2, peer_do_multitask / 1, peer_multitask_terminate / 0, peer_multitask_confirm / 0